Hello World!

The reason for this blog is an educational web I’m making for History Departement at Charles University. This is a low budget project and we have just the two of us on this project. I’m also excited about blogging regulary as I’ve never done this before. I would like to summarize here the progress we are making. Which might be helpful for me as well as for someone sometime..

My job


My part of the job is to bring technical and design solution. After quite short research I decided to work with WordPress as I was already experienced with its architecture and I know I can rely on the heavy support of its large comunnity. There are also lots of proves that WordPress is the right choice as an educational tool. Not like archaic Moodle which is more like LMS anyway. Some easily googable articles about the topic can be found here and here.

Among the other reasons for WordPress, I like to work with modern web and graphical standards and so to use modern frameworks like Foundation. It is easy to incorporate Foundation framework within WordPress with Required+ theme for example.


I’ll talk more about my design intentions in the future as I’m dealing with technical stuff with WordPress at the moment. However, as I mentioned I decided for Foundation framework which is responsive one. That’s an interesting topic to think about: how important is to have responsive layout for (our) educational website. Do we really need it? In the beginning I would say no. But as we have been making progress I’m more and more convinced there are important reasons to make the web responsive:

  1. Tablets are used in education.
  2. Interactive whiteboard as well.
  3. The student’s output can be presented within the web layout.
  4. Accesible and maintained by teachers as well as students anywhere anytime and so to make it more living and immersive project.
  5. There is actually no real reason to not make it responsive except additional time and knowledge requirements.

As long as I will keep the design simple I should not take any risk to make it responsive and confusing.

That’s enough for now. Next time, I’ll write more about the purpose of this project as well as about the consequences for the technical solutions.


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